The Awareness Module

We believe every person has an infinite capacity to learn, create and contribute once they are acknowledged, inspired and given the right tools.  For 20 years we have embraced and continue to learn new and engaging ways to interact with people and create possibility.  We do this by using unique systems based on positive psychology, gamification techniques and countless hours in the field helping people realize their potential.  


We are part psychology, part ethics, and a lot of fun.


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Teacher, Vancouver

Tones of powerful and incredibly useful and insightful info.  I found it all so inspiring as well as engaging - for the daycare, the classroom as well as for my self.  

Childcare, Vancouver

I really enjoyed how interactive the workshop was.  They gave multiple resources, but also taught many quick exercises with material that we can directly apply to our programs.  

Teacher, North Vancouver

I've been to many workshops - you are by far the best and most applicable to my classroom.  I have so many new ideas!