Creator and Lead Facilitator

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One of my strongest childhood memories is a hat contest in the 3rd grade.  I remember working tirelessly to transform a simple cowboy hat into a vehicle for my stuffed animal as my parents watched television.  I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of pride towards my imagination, skill, and achievement; pride that later turned into an unbearable fear.  


I believed that my passion and creativity would make me different and attracted a wave of ridicule and embarrassment generated by my peers.  By the time I reached the top of the staircase leading to my classroom I vividly remember destroying everything I spent hours creating and discarding the crumpled remains behind the doors of the staircase and hiding the bright pink stuffy in my pocket.  


My passion and alternative ways of thinking have always compelled me to find alternative ways to solve problems, however, my unique way of doing things has also generated a crippling fear of disapproval from the status quo.   Growing up as an only child, approval was my strong core need that often overshadowed my true abilities, skills, and talents.


I do this work to compel individuals to find their greatness by thinking differently and allowing others to do the same without fear or judgement.  By doing this everyone is free to learn from one another and achieve dreams they never thought were possible.  

PJ Prinsloo, Creator and Lead facilitator

Our Values
  • Challenge - To generate a fearless will to learn and succeed. 


  • Play - To encourage growth and learning by using emergent practices carefully disguised as fun.  


  • Truth - To support self-realization and facilitate shifts in perception.


  • Support - To create bonds by communicating without shame or judgment.

A Brief History

The Awareness Module was founded in 2005 while working with the Jericho Kids Club.  It all started by looking at ways to nurture independent, driven, and emotionally healthy individuals during their early stages of life.  We researched the internal and external aspects that motivate people and influence healthy decision-making, and decided to add techniques in theatre and game to bring joy and connection back to the learning experience.  We found that experiencing learning through play and interaction was an effective way to create a sense of community, which contributed to the willingness to learn and a drive to accept new challenges.  


The Awareness Module continues inspiring people to push themselves and support one another when faced with adversity.