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Toys and fidgets

Toys are often considered something to be left at home, however, these educational toys and fidgets can really create a positive classroom environment. We have found that these toys provide a level of support that can calm even the most difficult behaviours and meet children where they're at in their learning journey.    

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Puddy


A great tool for the classroom because it's quiet and interesting but allows kids to keep an ear open to what teachers are saying.  Often focus is a big challenge for children, but with the help of Cary Aaron's putty kids are able to find focus without disrupting those around them.  A small tin in a child's desk can really create massive results.  Follow the link to explore the variety of colours and sizes.  


Table fidget

This is a great little table fidget that kids of all ages will find satisfaction in.  Watch as the Mokuru travels end over end with a pleasant rhythmic sound.  Mokuru is a fantastic hand-eye coordination toy that is much harder then it looks.  


Hand-eye, focus

A great game that promotes focus and steady hand-eye coordination.  By spinning the ball around the user tries to manoeuvre a marble through an intricate maze.  Comes in various levels with various difficulties.  There's even a Star Wars one, which is something to work towards once the concepts and skills are mastered.  Perplexus is a great downtime activity that creates a crowd and satisfaction when completing. 


Concerns: Makes noise as the marble rolls around.  

108 Piece Magnetic Building set


Magnetic building blocks that provide an endless creative outlet of possibilities.  This toy really is extremely versatile and opens the door to a lot of design creativity.  This set is a must-have for every household, classroom and childcare facility.  

Marble Run


This Marble Works race set is a perfect entry point into marble works.  It is so fun to build a tower and watch the marbles travel through your creation.  This set comes with a nice caring case and several marbles to start kids interest.  This toy is very versatile and provides continues opportunities to expand upon.  

Qiyun Pyramid Blocks


Endlessly interesting building blocks that create unique shapes and towers.  This set includes two base sets to allow for extended possibilities.  Kids really enjoy this style of building and can really exercise their creativity with these unique blocks.  

Oblo 3D puzzle sphere


An interesting and visually stimulating little puzzle to add to the puzzle shelf.  This unique puzzle requires a moderate level of problem-solving, patients, and coordination.  Oblo feels great in the hand and has a satisfying weight to it.  Like most puzzles, initial solving of the Oblo is quite difficult for middle-aged kids but becomes a simple task that is fun to time in order to keep interest.  

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