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Osmo Genious Kit (Base included)

Tactile Learning

The Genious Kit gives you a solid base of tools to use the revolutionary learning tool, Osmo. 


Keep in mind that all of the Osmo games are to be played alongside apps available for Mac tablets, phones, or itouches. iPads are not included with any of the kids.


Numbers, letters, and tangrams are all included in this kit making it extremely versatile for a number of the Osmo apps.  For early learners who are struggling with pen-to-paper style learning, Osmo provides a tactile learning experience. The Osmo really is a must for early stages of academic learning and for students who may suffer cognitive delays or learning challenges.  The games are often very simple and unfortunately reach a challenge limit, especially with the numbers and words apps.  However, for kids trying to grasp these simple concepts, this tool is a great way to keep struggling kids engaged and up to speed with the rest of their peers.  Keep in mind that Osmo software will most likely continue to be developed to create more challenging games in the future.  


Concerns: Plateaus 

Osmo iPad Base

Base to use Osmo with iPad

The base and mirror for using all the Osmo apps.  All Osmo apps require this base in order to play.


Only the Osmo Genious Kit comes with this base.

iPads are not included with any Osmo kits.  

Osmo Coding Awbie (No Base)

Interactive iPad System

This is a really fun coding ipad app for the Osmo system.  Using magnetic blocks users navigate through an imaginary world gaining various treasures and unlocking secrets along the way.  This really is a must to own if you're serious about Osmo learning.  Osmo coding also provides more age-appropriate challenges for older learners and surpasses the plateauing Numbers and Words games.  The concepts are relatively simple, but the intricacy of the world really keeps this set interesting.  


ipad not included.  

Osmo Coding Jam (No Base)

Tactile Coding for iPad

Another variation of the coding ipad apps provided by Osmo.  This game is a far more intricate coding experience where users build their own music by layering subroutines to create complex sounds and rhythms.  I honestly don't see this game getting old.  Definitely a serious upgrade to the Osmo coding world. 


ipad not included

Tiggly Math

Interactive counting for iPad

Beginner level counting tools to be used with Tiggly ipad apps.  Tiggly math provides tactile and visual tools to start early minds grasping number concepts.  Tiggly math is a great way to prepare preschool kids for kindergarten mathematics.  


ipad not included


Snap Circuits

Electronic cercuits

Stap Circuits are a really safe and cool way to learn how electricity works.  They make for a great unit in science and provide a hands-on experience for experiential learning.  Concepts learned using snap circuits can be transported to bigger concepts and ideas.  

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